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Welcome to our “WPGROUPURL.COM” Technology Tutorial Blog
Gamerkite.com was established in the Year 2022.
The Founder of gamerkite.com is Miss. Anandini Pandey and the co-founder is Mr. Mukesh Kumar & Mr. Ajit Biswal.
We are leaving For India and the State of Odisha.
Miss. Anandini Pandey [Founder]
is passionate about Blogging and Mostly Technology Coding a Profession, he is researching technology, and he is a Developer and Creator.
Mr. Kunal Pandey is Done with His Education in Computer Science and He Loves to Work in Writing Researching and Creating Coding and Framework.
Mukesh Kumar & Mr. Ajit Biswal [Co-Founder]
Both Mukesh Kumar and Ajit Biswal Bone of WPGROUPURL, are Well Educated and Completed their Degree
in MSc.
Both joined WPGROUPURL as A-team members and  Research in Technology and Developing and Creating Coding and Aware People About Framework and Rules of architectural design and upgrading etc.
Except for the 3 People on WPGROUPURL, We Have More than 5 Team workers as Writers and Researchers, Total of 7 people work on WPGROUPURL.
So, in this blog, you will see daily posts and tips, tutorials in English that are easily understandable about new and fresh technology, and many more from our blog where you will get to learn something new.
We are Gamers in this Blogging and Developing Field and We Fly Like  Kite in Open Sky, We Will Gain Knowledge and experience the Technology, now it’s time to share them with people.
Friends, if you have any kind of questions or you want to know about anything, then you can ask me in the comment section. I will try my best to answer your questions on that subject.
Contact us for Any Kind of Query and Support Here :
We promise we will back to you as soon as possible.
On Behalf of WPGROUPURL, Thank you for visiting this page.
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